Right Wall Decorations To Portray Your Individualism

Choose The Right Wall Decorations For Your Home To Portray Your Individualism

The walls of your home are like a blank canvas that when decorated can tell your unique and fascinating tale. Choosing the right kind of artwork for your home walls shows your intense individualism. Therefore, put up bold and personal artwork in your living space to savour and enjoy creating connections.

Why is art important in our life?

Practising art is not merely using a pen or brush and putting some strokes on paper or a canvas. There is a lot more to it. It is a direct way to channel your attention and energy towards an instinctive thought process that leads to the final product of the artwork. This artwork serves as your signature.

There are wonderful and experienced artists who are selling their artwork pieces for millions. Gold coast artist Lana Zueva is one such reputed and fabulous oil painting artist from Australia who has been highly influenced by Russian art culture since her childhood days. She offers depth and flexibility to her artworks through oil paintings. Lana Zueva painting collection allows stunning effects of light and colours that create a realistic feeling.

She has been demonstrating natural beauty through paintings in the form of landscapes, portraits, animals, florals, and still-life artworks. She has created a lot of work, participated in exhibitions, and also offers commission works to her customers.

She has also been awarded for her portrait artwork “Sunny Bunny” which was exhibited at the Gold Coast Show 2021. Her artworks are available for sale on her website, Bluetham, Etsy, and Artlovers.

Art develops creativity

There is no doubt that art creates and enhances creativity, which is just not restricted to artistic pursuits. Art is like a meditation that relaxes our mind thereby, helping us to develop the ability to see and cope with everyday issues and find solutions.

Therefore, art is related to matters like

  • Effective communication
  • Solving the problems
  • Managing work efficiently
  • Tackling everyday situations

Art brings joy

Simply being with art gives joy and confidence and leaves behind the serious attributes of practising art. However, there has to be a streak of art in your life that can sustain the everlasting feeling of joyful and blissful, and positive life.

Art expresses your conscience

Every stroke on the paper is an expression of your conscience. It is an emotional thought that takes form on the canvas. Unless you are copying, you are emitting your energy on and with the medium.

These emotional expressions make artworks touch the soul despite cultural differences. Put this unique story on your walls and see how beautifully you curate your home.

Art relieves stress

Art is like therapy that has benefitted many people. It helps in relieving the stress as you gradually paint improving your focus and also helping you to relax.

Once you are relaxed and relieved from stress, the content replaces the negativity in your mind. This further helps in developing your confidence so that you can deal with any problem.

Translate all these wonderful attributes of art into your home promoting better emotions and calming your senses.

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