Main Kinds Of Door Locks – The Best For Exterior And Internal Doors

There are many different types of door locks, so you may be unsure which one to choose for your particular doors.

For your property’s entrance doors, secure T handle lock is essential. There are both modern smart locks and traditional locks that can keep your home safe. Also, patio doors need to be secured.

Bathroom door locks are vital for privacy in your home. Bedroom doors may need to be secured as well.

You can find a detailed guide to all the door options in our special feature. Scroll down to see all the different door lock types.

Different Types Of Door Lock

Doors for the exterior require different types of locks than doors for the interior. Find out which options are available. They’re right there.

1. Smart Door Laws

Smart locks are a new type of door lock. You don’t need a key to open your door with the top smart locks. Depending on your lock choice, you can simply tap in a numeric code or use a key fob to open the door.

While you are choosing smart door locks, keep in mind that some work with your Wi-Fi network, and others require a hub.

Smart locks can not only be keyless but also allow guests to enter remotely.

You might be worried about adding one of them to your entryway. Don’t! You can also install a smart lock by yourself.

2. Electronic Door Locks

You might consider an electronic lock for your door if you like the idea, but don’t want to use smart tech.

These can be opened by entering the code on the numeric pad. It’s easy to forget to take your keys with you when you go out.

They are simple to install yourself, just a hanging door.

3. Entry Door Knob Knob locks

Entry door knobs make a great choice for exterior doors. They are very easy to install. They are an affordable, yet secure option. You have a wide range of options and finishes available to coordinate with your other door hardware.

They can be combined with a deadbolt lock (see below).

4. Entry Door lever Locks

The entry door lever locks are a good alternative to door knob locks. Many are ADA-compliant and easier to operate.

They can be easily fitted to any entryway and are available in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to create your look.

While you might pay a little more for these than entry door knob locks in general, they still offer great value.

Combining it with a deadbolt provides maximum security (see further).

5. Deadbolts

For added security, a deadbolt can be used in combination with an entry door knob lock and/or lever lock to increase your door’s security.

You have two options when it comes to deadbolts. What’s the difference? A single-cylinder deadbolt is operated with a key on one side. The lever or knob on its opposite side can be used from the inside. A double-cylinder deadbolt operates with a key from both sides.

A single-cylinder mortise lock is a favorite for homes.

A double cylinder deadbolt adds security to your door. This is great for doors with glass panels, which an intruder could break to turn the lever and unlock the lock. If you decide to use one of these, in an emergency your home might need to be evacuated sooner. This is why a single-cylinder version can be required in building codes.

Installing an entry door that has been pre-drilled for a deadbolt is easy.

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