Hi Melt vs. Regular Cheese: What’s the Difference in Your Burger

Article at a Glance:

  • Different cheese offers different flavours, textures, and melting features in burger cooking.
  • Understanding hi-melt and regular cheese varieties for commercial use.

Cheese is a quintessential component of a delicious burger, bringing in that creamy and savoury element in each bite we crave. Whether a burger from a casual dining restaurant or a high-end eatery, you will need to have high-quality cheese slices to make them more appetising and presentable. Burger lovers know how important it is to get the right cheese slices in their burgers to indulge in an intriguing burger experience. But, with so many cheese varieties, how do you decide the right burger cheese slices for your kitchen? While sourcing burger cheese slices for commercial kitchens, cheese procurement managers generally have two options: regular cheese slices or hi-melt cheese.

By understanding the features of hi-melt cheese, restaurant owners and managers can make informed decisions in cheese purchasing. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of hi-melt cheese and examine how they contribute to the overall burger-eating experience so you know why hi-melt cheese is a better choice for your burgers.

Defining Hi-melt Cheese and Regular Cheese

Hi-melt cheese: Hi-melt cheese or THINS burger slices is specially designed to have superior melting property. When you melt hi-melt cheese slices, they melt smoothly and evenly, forming a consistent, luscious gel-like structure that blankets the patty. These cheese slices are especially made for burgers, from classic to artisanal, Hi-Melt cheese is perfect for all types of burgers.

Comparisons of Taste, Texture, and Melting Properties


Hi-melt cheese has a rich, creamy cheddar flavour. Hi-melt cheese slices do not mask the quality of other burger ingredients, resulting in a well-blend combo of different flavours, which results in an amazing mouth feel in burger eating.


Hi-melt cheese is designed to have a smooth, consistent texture when heated. It melts evenly, creating a creamy layer of cheese that coats the meat patty uniformly. Hi-melt cheese has an exceptionally creamy, smooth texture over cheap cheese counterparts because it does not leach water and fat when heated, and its consistent melting ability allows it to cover the patty evenly.

Melting Ability:

Hi-melt cheese or THINS burger slices excels in melting ability. It maintains its structural integrity when heated moderately, resulting in a smooth, creamy surface. It offers a consistent and aesthetically pleasing melt, providing an ultimate melt sensation in burgers.

If you use hi-melt cheese slices, you may have to heat them relatively more than THINS burger slices to get the desired melt because hi-melt cheese slices are thicker compared to THINS burger slices and may require more heat.

Unlike regular cheeses, hi-melt cheese boasts superior melting ability, ensuring a smooth texture that perfectly coats each bite of your burger, enhancing the overall experience.


Cheese can make or break your burger experience. So, when selecting cheese for restaurant burgers, you should put in a lot of effort in selecting a cheese with good taste, texture, and melting profile. Understanding the common differences between hi-melt and regular cheese will help you make informed decisions when selecting cheese for your eatery. You can use regular and hi-melt cheese slices based on the customer’s preferences. It equally pays off if you keep experimenting with different types of cheese slices for your burgers to serve a wide range of customers.