Why Are Waterhog Floor Rugs So Popular?

Waterhog entrance rugs remain the most widely-used type of floor rug. They are used by all types of businesses, from restaurants to hotels. These rugs are durable enough to withstand harsh environments for many years.

Original Waterhog floor rugs made of heavy-duty polypropylene are both stain and mildew-resistant. The Eco series is made of crush-proof rugerial which won’t damage the environment but will protect your visitors as well as your flooring.

Why are Waterhog Entrance Rugs so Popular?


Variety is the first reason. There are many Waterhog rugs available. There are many types of entrance rugs available for normal applications.

Waterhog also offers a sticky, clean-room rug. Waterhog rugs are available in a variety of colors that resist fading.


These rugs are not only water-resistant but also have undersides that grip the floor. It is essential that a rug of good quality stays in the same place.

Waterhog rugs have a unique nubby surface that scrapes the soles of shoes and dirt (alongside the water, snow, and ice). The Floor Safety Institute has certified some Waterhog rugs as having “high traction”, such as the Waterhog Masterpiece. To improve floor safety, you must increase traction.


Waterhog rugs perform as they are supposed to. They are strong and easy to clean.

There are many Waterhog rugs to choose from. Waterhog rugs are a great investment that will provide long-term, tangible benefits for your commercial space.

Waterhog rugs trap all that dirt, grit, and water at your door and within the rug, instead of spreading it all over your floor.

Different types of Waterhog Entrance Rugs

These rugs do more than keep dirt from getting into your business. These rugs can enhance the appearance of your business and make it stand out to everyone who visits. A variety of styles will help you protect your business in a professional but colorful way.

Indoor/Outdoor rugs – This type features reinforced rubber nubs to ensure durability in high-traffic areas. It also has molded rubber borders that trap dirt, debris, and moisture.

These rugs are very similar to the original indoor /outdoor rugs, but they have a diamond-shaped face design for extra beauty. They’re made of plastic bottles and rubber backing that is 100% made from recycled rubber (15 to 20 percent).

Half Oval Ec Grand Premier Rugs – This rug is both durable and beautiful. It also features a unique half-oval design that will impress your guests.

One End Round Eco Grand Premier – These large rugs have one side flat and one side rounded.

Two-Ended Rounded Rugs – This style is great for covering large areas but still making a statement.

Logo Flooring Rugs – There’s no better way to promote your brand than with a Waterhog rug featuring your logo.

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